Most Popular Chinese Search Engines

Most Popular Chinese Search Engines

Before conducting a search marketing campaign targeting China, you need to make sure all your planning is on the right track.

Here are the top Chinese search engines you should know about before starting your Chinese search marketing campaign.

Baidu 70.74%
Shenma 15.16%
Haoso 7.12%
Sogou 3.94%
Google 1.54%
Others 1.5%



Baidu is the most popular Chinese search engine in China on both desktop and mobile devices, which should be the primary platform for your search marketing campaigns.
It was founded in January 2000 by the Chinese Internet entrepreneur and search scientist Robin Li.



Shenma is a popular Chinese mobile search engine, which is only available on mobile.
If you plan to do mobile search marketing in China, we recommend you target Shenma too besides Baidu.



Haoso is web search service by Qihoo 360. Its slogan is "Safer Search", who claims to be better than Baidu at handling malicious and phishing search results.



Sogou is another popular search engine in China. Being a partner of Tencent, Sogou can index and display content from WeChat Official Accounts.

The above are the top search engines in China. Planning to launch a Chinese search marketing campaign? SEO Shifu is always happy to hear from you.

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