Top Chinese Video Sharing and Video Hosting Sites Overview

Top Chinese Video Sharing and Video Hosting Sites Overview

From TV commercials to online video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, it's no secret that video has become a staple of our everyday lives.

Not just loved by content consumers, videos have also become an important content marketing channel around the world. Today, video marketing is widely adopted by online marketers as a versatile and shareable medium to reach their target audiences.

As popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo don't work in China, I will introduce you the most popular Chinese video sites and video hosting solutions in this post.

Chinese Video Websites



Youku is the most popular Chinese video hosting website and often referred as "Youtube of China". In 2012 it merged its major competitor Tudou ( and became the largest Chinese video hosting and sharing site.

Tencent Video


Tencent Video is the video hosting and sharing site created by the Chinese internet giant Tencent. It has become the chosen video marketing channel for many video marketers due to the rapid rise of WeChat.

If you have a WeChat Official Account, I recommend using Tencent Video as the primary video marketing channel, because you will need it when embedding videos in the articles in your WeChat account.

Chinese Video Hosting Solutions



PolyV is a Chinese business video hosting and online streaming solution favored by industries such as e-learning, marketing, and e-commerce. It offers a cross-platform video player with various customization options and advanced data analysis features.

Its video hosting package starts at 999 RMB per year for 20 GB storage and 60GB monthly bandwidth.

China-based CDNs

Hosting your videos on a China-based CDN is another option to accelerate the delivery of your video files in China. A CDN can cache your video files on a geographically dispersed network of servers across China thus speed up video streaming for your target audience in China.

However, CDNs don't usually have official video players, which means you will have to create your own one. The good news is there are already many open source media players such as Plyr.

With some simple setups, you will have your own awesome video player.


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